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Structured Finance


The ValeCap team has developed a unique expertise in the structure finance sector, having successfully completed several transactions for a variety of asset classes:

  • Mortgage loans

  • Trade receivables

  • Personal loans

  • Loans to public entities

  • Corporate loans

  • Real estate

  • Infrastructure

  • Inventory/Working capital

  • Healthcare receivables


Thanks to the expertise developed in the structured finance sector, the ValeCap team can assist the originator in each phase of the transaction structuring, in order to optimize the result and reduce the execution time.

As part of our services in this area, we provide:

  • Preliminary feasibility analysis

  • Selection of the optimal portfolio, review of historical performance and preparation of the database

  • Analysis and mitigation of transaction risks (ie, credit risk, liquidity risk, commingling risk etc)

  • Preparation of the transaction cash flow model

  • Negotiation of termsheet and other relevant transaction structure terms

  • Organisation and management of due diligence

  • Assistance in the selection of third parties (legal advisor, calculation agent, other suppliers of ancillary services, etc) and in their daily management and coordination

  • Management of the relationship with the Rating Agencies (preparation of the documentation required to present the transaction to the Rating Agencies, negotiation of tranching etc.)

  • Definition of the optimal originator structure for the completion and management of the transaction

  • Negotiation of contractual documentation

  • Closing

  • Support in transaction management and monitoring activities

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